Teacher 2019 Workshop

A best practices workshop will be held October 25th for teachers in our participating region. Details have been pushed out to teachers directly from our fair director, Michael Blueglass.

 We will be meeting at Ossining High School on Friday, October 25 from 11:00am – 2:00pm 

There is a $10 per person fee to cover the cost of the workshop (printing, lunch, etc..).
The invoice for the workshop is attached in case you need one. In addition, the WESEF W-9 form and the WESEF 2020 invoice are attached. The $10 can be in the form of cash or check made out to “WESEF”.

We have updated the WESEF handbook which is attached to this email can also be accessed with this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A47Rt5Ohyp-0xV_ok0L6sJ9lZDOfLzbg

At the workshop you will receive a printed copy of the WESEF handbook and we will spend the majority of the time reviewing the following:

WESEF – Registration and General Information:

  • Deadlines and Costs
  • Project categories
  • Rules for participating in WESEF
  • Rules for project display

WESEF – Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Information:

  • Different roles of the “Adult Sponsor”, “Qualified Scientist” and “Designated Supervisor”
    ·Common WESEF paperwork problems and how to avoid them
    ·         Common reasons a project would fail to qualify at WESEF/ISEF
    ·         Judging process
    ·         Awards (special awards vs. place in category vs. grand awards)
    ·         Differences between grand awards (ISEF and Genius Olympiad)
    ·         Differences between winning a spot at for the Genius Olympiad at WESEF vs. via paper submission

We will also have people review and answer questions about the different science competitions and programs including:

  • Regeneron student internship program
  •        Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS)
  • Westchester & Rockland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (WR-JSHS)
  • NY State Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)
  • NY State Science and Engineering Fair (NYSSEF)
  • Tri-County Science Fair
  • Genius Olympiad
  • Somers/Westlake Science Fair

If time allows, we are hoping to have a large group discussion where we can share ideas about our Science Research Programs. There is usually a broad spectrum of experience from Science Research Teachers at our workshops/gatherings. Some are in their first year, some have a few years of experience and others have over 20 years teaching the Science Research program. It can be very helpful to bounce ideas/concerns/questions off of the group and come away from the day with lots of new ideas and insight.